About us

Prexam is a unique digital service, the base of which includes more than 200,000 test tasks.

Users can create their own profile through convenient registration on the official website of Kyiv Medical University and prepare for both the Krok and the Professional English Exam.

The PrExam platform provides an opportunity not only to train, but also to take the so-called "Trial Krok" online and predict your results.

The unique statistics module allows the student to see their progress both from the disciplines included in Krok and from other components of the educational program.

The peculiarity is that the user has the opportunity to get advice from teachers on complex issues, create their own test databases for more detailed work, work on errors and, most importantly, not just memorize the correct answer, but get clear explanations and strengthen their knowledge.

Our advantages

Availability of new brochures

Moderation of invalid tests

Saving Testing Sessions

Explanations for tests

Detailed statistics of results

Convenient access from any device

Booklets for international students

Questions on the platform
Completed tests
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